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Daniel Monti, MD, MBA

Academic Title: Professor, Senior Vice President and Director of the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health

Education: SUNY at Buffalo School of Medicine, Medical School

Board Certifications: Integrative Medicine, Psychiatry

Specialties: Integrative Medicine, Executive Medicine

Programs: Executive Great Life

Locations: Villanova Center, Myrna Brind Center

Anthony Bazzan, MD, FACN, ABIHM

Academic Title: Assistant Professor, Associate Director, Marcus Institute of Integrative Health, Villanova
Associate Director, Myrna Brind Center, Philadelphia

Education: University of Padua School of Medicine, Italy, Medical School

Board Certifications: Integrative Medicine, Internal Medicine

Specialties: Integrative Medicine

Programs: Executive Great Life, Natural Hormone Replacement, Integrative Micronutrient, Health Management of Challenging Illness

Locations: Villanova Center, Myrna Brind Center

Bernardo Merizalde, MD

Academic Title: Clinical Assistant Professor

Education: Coll Mayor de Nuestro Senora del Rosario, Medical School

Board Certifications: Psychiatry

Specialties: Integrative Medicine, Psychiatry and Human Behavior

Programs: Mind Body Therapies

Locations: Myrna Brind Center

Andrew Newberg, MD

Academic Title: Professor

Education: University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, Medical School

Board Certifications: Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine

Specialties: Integrative Medicine, Radiology - Nuclear Medicine

Programs: Brain Health, Executive Great Life, Integrative Micronutrient  

Locations: Villanova Center, Myrna Brind Center

Stephen Olex, MD

Academic Title: Clinical Instructor

Education: Jefferson Medical College, Medical School

Board Certifications: Cardiovascular Disease, Internal Medicine

Specialties: Integrative Cardiology, Executive Medicine

Programs: Integrative Cardiology, Executive Great Life  

Locations: Villanova Center, Myrna Brind Center

Birgit Rakel, MD

Academic Title: Assistant Professor, Director of Integrative Women's Health Program

Education: Free University Berlin, Germany, Medical School

Board Certifications: Family Practice

Specialties: Integrative Medicine, Family Medicine

Programs: Women's Health, Integrative Micronutrient

Locations: Myrna Brind Center

Mijail Serruya, MD, PhD

Academic Title: Assistant Professor, Co-Medical Director of Comprehensive Concussion Center

Education: Brown University School of Medicine, Medical School

Board Certifications: Neurology

Specialties: Integrative Neurology, Cognitive Neurology

Programs: Executive Brain Health 

Locations: Villanova Center

Rashna Staid, MD

Academic Title: Clinical Instructor

Education: SUNY at Syracuse College of Medicine, Medical School

Board Certifications: Internal Medicine

Specialties: Integrative Medicine, Internal Medicine

Programs: Health Management, Integrative Micronutrient, Executive Great Life, Women's Health 

Locations: Villanova Center

Nancy Swartz, MD, MS, FACS

Academic Title: Instructor,  Co-Director of Facial Rejuvenation Program

Education: Medical College of Pennsylvania, Medical School

Board Certifications: Ophthalmology - Neuro-Ophthalmology, Ophthalmology - Oculoplastics

Specialties: Integrative Cosmetic Enhancement, Oculo-Plastic Surgery

Programs: Facial Rejuvenation

Location: Myrna Brind Center

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