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In The News: Dr. Staid shares expert opinion with Mainline Today

In The News: Dr. Staid shares expert opinion with Mainline Today

August 29, 2017

Dr. Staid in Mainline Today


Mainline Today recently spoke with Dr. Rashna Staid, an Integrative Medicine Specialist here at the Marcus Institute, on identifying digestive issues. As Americans increasingly develop digestive issues, Dr. Staid points to the gut as the root of these troubles.

Dr Staid, board-certified in internal medicine, looks closely at the microbiome, the trillions of nonhuman organisms that live in our bodies based on factors such as diet. Modern foods greatly impact the microbiome, and as Dr. Staid explains, “The bacteria in your gut is more like Iowa than New York City. To make our bodies run correctly, we need diverse, healthy microbiome. The linings of our guts exist to allow in what needs to get in and keep out what doesn’t. But the permeability of those linings has changed because of what we put into our bodies.”

Microbiome changes aren’t achieved through quick-fix diets overnight, but instead involve committing to long-term changes. Individuals who want to identify the lifestyle changes necessary to achieve optimal results should contact us for a consultation with Dr. Staid.

Read the full Mainline Today article here.

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