We continue to build a robust academic program for Integrative Medicine through the Marcus Institute. We have one of the nation's only CME-approved Grand Rounds program in Integrative Medicine at an academic institution.


One of our key faculty, Dr. Birgit Rakel, teaches the "Healers Art" course in the medical student second-year curriculum. This highly acclaimed course is based on a curriculum developed by Integrative Medicine guru, Naomi Rachel Remen, MD. We also provide medical student rotations for Jefferson Medical students in the 4th year who want an intensive clinical exposure to Integrative Medicine in practice. The same type of rotation experience also is provided for Jefferson Residents in Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, and for those enrolled in Jefferson's Psychosomatic Fellowship program.

New certificate programs:

As technological advances and scientific breakthroughs continue to transform healthcare at a rapid clip, certificate programs provide students and healthcare professionals with the skills necessary to meet these evolving healthcare needs. To help these professionals adopt a more holistic approach to patient care, we will develop new certificate programs on the myriad disciplines comprising integrative medicine.

Integration in traditional curricula:

Despite the overwhelming popularity of integrative medicine in the United States, it is still not part of the traditional medical curriculum. We will develop a new innovative curricula that will provide the next generation of graduates with the knowledge and training necessary to perform the latest evidence-based integrative therapies and potentially shift medical attitudes about the discipline as a whole.



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George P. Zabrecky, DC

Associate director, Marcus Institute of Integrative Health

Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health

Dr. George P. Zabrecky has been in practice for over 35 years, during which time he has significantly contributed to the field of integrative medicine. His patient base extends throughout the United States and around the world including Canada, Great Britain, Spain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Israel, Mexico, Egypt, Turkey, South Korea and China.

As Associate Director of Integrative Medicine, he collaborates extensively with Jefferson faculty to develop treatment protocols for complex medical disorders and the design of related clinical research studies examining the efficacy of new approaches to integrative care.

Dr. Zabrecky’s unique combination of knowledge, training and experience distinguishes his approach to the evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of his patients.

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