Participants will benefit from the region’s only PET-MRI technology, which gives an elegant and uniquely accurate view of both the brain’s anatomy and its dynamic functionality. Our highly skilled neuroscientists, neuro-imaging specialists, and brain health clinicians will synthesize information in a way that is clinically meaningful and personally relevant.

Clinical Trials

Our exclusive one-day, high-impact, assessment includes:

  • Complete medical history
  • PET-MRI, the latest advancement in imaging technology
  • Optimal imaging of the major blood vessels that supply the brain
  • Neuro-performance assessment (nervous system reactivity measurements)
  • Neuro-physical and neuro-cognitive assessments (thinking, focus, memory, attention) using a combination of metrics
  • Evaluation of lifestyle, nutrition, and other factors
  • Personalized brain health plan 

How do I sign up for the Executive Brain Health Program?

Call 215-503-6507 to enroll in the program or for more information.

Marcus Institute
Of Integrative Health