The top answer to executive performance and more.

A program designed to help executives achieve top performance — on and off the job.

Jefferson Health’s Executive Great Life (EGL) Program is one of the nation’s only executive health programs, rooted in integrative medicine and designed for busy working executives who seek to optimize their health. Leading-edge technology and scientifically rigorous, head-to-toe medical assessments that create personalized roadmaps to health and wellness.

Executive Great Life

An Evaluation and Health Assessment

Upon enrolling, you will have a pre-assessment evaluation that will provide a comprehensive snapshot of your current health status and challenges prior to your full-day evaluation. Your next step is to spend a full day with our staff at our state-of-the-art facilities for an intensive, scientifically rigorous health assessment that will include the following:

  • Concierge Lab Services
  • Diet and Lifestyle Evaluation
  • Energy and Performance Evaluation
  • Targeted Genetic Testing
  • Extensive Cardiac Health Evaluation
  • Hormonal Analysis
  • Illness Risk Factor Identification
  • Physical Exam
  • Healthy Aging Evaluation
  • Neuro-Stress Evaluation
  • Total Body Imaging with The Regions Only PET-MRI  

What Can I Expect During the Program?

From the moment you enroll in the Executive Great Life Program, our entire team of experts will work with you to learn everything about your health, history, concerns and goals for the future. Immediately after enrollment, you will receive and complete a detailed medical questionnaire designed specifically for our Great Life participants. Our lead physician will review your questionnaire in preparation for the next step in your journey.

We have researched other leading executive health and age management programs, and our pre-assessment procedures are the most comprehensive and rigorous. Patients frequently report their Executive Great Life Program encounter as "life changing," and that the level of personalized care is like nothing they have ever experienced in any type of health setting.

A Personalized Plan to Achieve Your Health Goals

During the Program, you will have several hours of face-to-face physician time, and a personal health concierge. You will also receive personalized plans for achieving your health goals, and a comprehensive report that can be shared with your physician. Finally, to ensure success, we will create a personalized follow-up program to assist you once the Program has ended.

How Do I Sign Up for the Executive Great Life Program?

Enroll in the Executive Great Life Program today! Call Kristen McDonald, Program Manager, at 215-503-6507.

The cost of this program is $3950.

The Great Life Makeover Book

This leading-edge program of medicine was designed by two Marcus Institute physicians, Daniel A. Monti, MD, and Anthony J. Bazzan, MD, authors of the popular book, The Great Life Makeover (HarperCollins) — a guide to feeling better, looking better and living better in midlife and beyond.

Marcus Institute
Of Integrative Health