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Executive Great Life

Your Best is Good Business

Want to perform at your peak? Take a look at your health.

The Marcus Institute’s Executive Great Life (EGL) program helps busy professionals achieve superior health and sustain top-level performance — both on and off the job.

Our unparalleled approach centers on a scientifically rigorous, head-to-toe medical assessment that goes far beyond a typical physical exam. We examine your whole health comprehensively: body, mind and spirit. 

After a pre-assessment evaluation, you will spend a full day in our state-of-the-art facilities for extensive health screenings, including:

  • Concierge Lab Services
  • Diet and Lifestyle Evaluation
  • Energy and Performance Evaluation
  • Targeted Genetic Testing
  • Extensive Cardiac Health Evaluation
  • Hormonal Analysis
  • Illness Risk Factor Identification
  • Physical Exam
  • Healthy Aging Evaluation
  • Neuro-Stress Evaluation
  • Total Body Imaging with PET-MRI: One of the most advanced diagnostic tools in the world, and the only one in our region.

This gives us the most complete and accurate view of your current state, so we can identify immediate concerns, uncover potential risks and put you on the path to optimal health and wellness.

What can I expect?

From the moment you enroll in the Executive Great Life program, our team of medical experts are dedicated to learning everything about your health, history, concerns and goals. To start, we’ll send a concierge to your home or office to collect pre-assessment labs and ask you to complete a detailed medical questionnaire, which our lead physician will review and assess. We’ll pinpoint your health needs and wants before your visit and schedule your consultations accordingly.

During the day of the program, you’ll spend several hours one-on-one with our board-certified physicians who are experts in integrative and preventive medicine. A personal health concierge will be by your side all day to answer questions, assist you in screenings and offer support. It’s a level of personalized care that many patients have said is “life-changing” and like nothing they’ve ever experienced. 

You’ll learn eye-opening, easy-to-follow ways to take control of your health, so you can break through and reach your health and personal goals. You’ll take home a custom plan from your physician to put your insights into action and a comprehensive report to share with your general practitioner. And to ensure your continued success, we’ll create a personalized follow-up plan for ongoing support. 

Enroll today.

Call Kristen McDonald, Program Manager, at 215-503-6507.

The Great Life Makeover

This leading-edge integrative medicine program was created by two Marcus Institute physicians: Daniel A. Monti, MD, and Anthony J. Bazzan, MD, authors of the popular book, The Great Life Makeover (HarperCollins) — a guide to feeling better, looking better and living better in midlife and beyond.

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