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25 Years of Mindfulness

October 20, 2021

The Myrna Brind Center for Mindfulness at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The founding director, Diane Reibel, Ph.D., continues to lead the ever-growing Center serving patients, healthcare providers, medical and university students, and the larger community. Through the years, thousands of people have benefitted from taking the Center’s mindfulness programs. 

“The multitude of benefits are evidenced by what we hear directly from participants in our classes and by the scientific research we have published demonstrating that taking the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction program is effective in reducing chronic pain, medical symptoms, anxiety, and depression, and in enhancing well-being,” says Dr. Reibel.

When the program started 25 years ago, we never envisioned that the field would grow as big as it is today. At that time there were very few mindfulness programs in mainstream health care and there was also limited research. Now, you can find mindfulness programs in hundreds of hospitals and medical centers around the world. Mindfulness is also being taught online and through apps. Since the pandemic, the Center has transitioned all of its mindfulness programs online and offers free mindfulness sessions on a regular basis to serve healthcare professionals and the larger community. As we move forward, one of our major goals is to support healthcare providers and front-line workers who are experiencing extreme stress and burnout due to the demands of the pandemic.

We are also continuing our initiative to reach underserved communities and vulnerable populations. We have offered mindfulness programs to urban community-based organizations, vulnerable elders, residents in homeless shelters, people with visual impairment and people in chronic pain. Our mission is to continue to develop and bring mindfulness programs to meet the needs of people in their own communities. Our outreach has been and continues to be greatly supported by hundreds of professionals that we have trained to teach mindfulness in their respective fields and communities.

Throughout 25 years of changes in the field, some things remain the same in our Center. The integrity of the mindfulness programs at our Center has not changed. The essence of mindfulness training – learning to be present in the moment with attitudes of curiosity, kindness and compassion – remains as well. We know that by cultivating mindfulness, we can move out of old habits that aren’t serving us well and make more healthful and wise choices, moment to moment.

For more information about The Center for Mindfulness and its programs please visit our website: JeffersonHealth.org/Mindfulness.

To support our mission to share the benefits of mindfulness you can make a donation at: jefferson.edu/GiveMyrnaBrind