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How can you incorporate Integrative Medicine into your practice?

September 9, 2021

As people demand the integration of complementary approaches for wellness and specific illnesses, how does a healthcare practitioner know what to offer? Knowing the options, learning the science behind different approaches, and understanding how they work together is crucial.

Integrative Medicine adds value to the traditional medical treatment plan using a holistic framework combined with leading-edge technologies and innovative therapies. Our precision medicine model gives patients an edge in achieving healthy longevity; illness recovery; and highest functional performance. Patients are empowered with transformative tools for effective management of their personal health journeys.

Three keywords sum up Integrative Medicine for us at the Marcus Institute:  Heal, strengthen and thrive.

Some examples of integrative approaches that we offer include:

- Targeted nutrition and dietary modification to reduce disease risk factors and optimize wellness

- Micronutrient therapies

- Guidance to healthfully increase activity level

- Innovative stress reduction approaches and mind-body therapies

- Optimizing chronic illness management

- Managing side effects of conventional medical treatments

- Guidance regarding vitamins/herbs/supplements

- Precision Medicine

- Advanced biochemical, hormonal, and physiological testing and balancing

All healthcare practitioners – physicians, nurses, nutritionists and dietitians, physician assistants, pharmacists and others – benefit from a clear understanding of the evidence-based and promising practices to meet the needs of patients. This advanced education is not widely available, but the Marcus Institute offers it through our academic programing.

Experts from the Marcus Institute’s Department of Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences at Sidney Kimmel Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University are some of the key faculty who teach in our stackable, graduate-level Advanced Practice Certificate programs in these areas of integrative medicine:

- Integrative Nutrition

- Mind-Body Medicine

- Integrative Health Education

Students can take all three certificates along with a capstone course to complete a Master of Science Degree in Integrative Health Sciences. They can also take a course before committing to a program.

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