Proven Plans, Tailored To You

Comprehensive patient-centric care

Whether you struggle with a chronic health issue or simply want to look, feel and perform your best, our programs put your unique health needs and goals into focus. Discover how the best of conventional and integrative medicine can help you live free of illness and full of life.

Executive Health

For leadership, corporate teams, and all individuals seeking a proactive approach, our Executive Great Life (EGL) program offers a comprehensive exam and personalized roadmap to superior health and performance.

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Accelerated Healing

Embrace the power of personalized, integrative care for digestive problems, lipid and autoimmune disorders, nutritional deficiencies, chronic fatigue, IBS, diabetes, cancer and other chronic health issues.

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Functional Medicine for Women & Men

Whether you need a fast-acting intervention or want to stay lively well into your retirement, we’ll create a customized plan that you can sustain — and enjoy.

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Mind-Body Therapies

These innovative treatment approaches can dramatically impact your mental, emotional and physical well-being — and change your life.

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Executive Brain Health

Whether you’re concerned about declining memory, family history, head injuries or other risk factors, or you want to tap into your mind’s full power, our program offers a clear picture and all the right steps to move forward.

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Our infusions can help restore balance, boost energy and build your body’s defenses as you encounter and recover from a variety of chronic health issues.

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Optimal Weight

Tired of diets that don’t work? Our integrative solutions use the power of your personal biology to help you achieve a healthy weight and make long-lasting change.

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If you’re ready to quit smoking, turn to the Marcus Institute. Our JeffQuit program gradually decreases your nicotine intake to reduce your withdrawal symptoms and maximize your success.

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MRI and PET Imaging

With the only hybrid PET/MRI scanner in the region, we offer you more comfortable care with less radiation, and unparalleled clarity and accuracy — all leading to better diagnosis and treatment.

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Natural & Bioidentical Hormone Replacement

For those with hormonal imbalance issues, this may be a life-changing, therapeutic option.

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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Stop stress on the spot when you learn the proven, therapeutic techniques of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) from the region’s leading practitioners.

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Academic & Clinical Trials

Learn more about our ever-increasing research, groundbreaking clinical trials and one of the nation’s only CME-approved Grand Rounds programs in Integrative Medicine.

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