Integrative Micronutrient Therapies

As an international leader in micronutrient research and therapies, we offer intravenous nutrient infusions as part of our treatment plans for a variety of conditions.

Anthony Bazzan, MD

Reina Marino, MD


Discover how our targeted treatments can benefit your body if you have become nutrient-depleted from chronic illness, gastrointestinal problems, poor diet and a variety of other health issues. 

  • Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C): Infused at pharmacologic doses as an adjunctive agent for supportive cancer care. This protocol is given in collaboration with your primary oncological physician. Our team has published groundbreaking research on this therapy.
  • Restorative Micronutrient Mix: Includes a range of vital nutrients infused at physiological doses to replenish and restore; and can be helpful for patients who have become nutrient-depleted from chronic illness, gastrointestinal problems or poor diet. The precise blend is customized to the individual patient based on clinical presentation and laboratory values.
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC): When infused at moderately high doses, this is a powerful antioxidant with potential to treat a variety of health issues. We are currently studying the impact of administering this nutrient to patients with Parkinson’s Disease and neurocognitive/neurodegenerative problems, and our initial results are highly encouraging.
  • Migraine Mix: A magnesium-based infusion for patients with chronic or intense headaches.

We’ve observed patients with malabsorption issues benefit more from these therapies than traditional pill-formed supplements. As we continue our research, the potential power of nutrient infusions grows every day. Join us. 


Cost of nutrient infusions ranges from $150-$600, though the cost of many of our protocols are covered by grants.

To book an appointment or learn more about our Integrative Micronutrient Therapies, contact us or call us today at (215) 503-9070.

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