Mind-Body Therapies

By integrating promising complementary therapies and high-quality care, the Marcus Institute’s progressive-thinking physicians are here to help you on your journey to optimal mind, body and spirit health.

We focus on Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), psychiatry consultations, hypnosis and biofeedback to help you neutralize stress, alleviate pain and other chronic health conditions, and be the best you.

Bernardo Merizalde, MD

Anna Tobia, PHD

Marie Stoner, M.Ed


The Neuro-Emotional Technique uses the mind-body connection to precisely identify distressing memories and associated emotions, and then employs various techniques to neutralize the memory.

Our ongoing NET research has shown this leading-edge therapy can help patients alleviate traumatic stress and improve performance.


Utilized to help alleviate pain and distress, hypnosis has also been studied to treat anxiety before surgeries and other medical procedures, headaches, smoking cessation, hot flashes in breast cancer survivors and irritable bowel syndrome.


A complementary way of treating stress, high blood pressure, headaches, sleep disorders, motility disorders and other chronic pain conditions is biofeedback, which helps you gain control over bodily functions by using your mind. During biofeedback therapy, you're connected to sensors that measure relaxation to produce reduced muscle tension and normalized blood flow.

Our multidisciplinary team includes Marcus Institute providers and Jefferson colleagues, including expert neurologists, psychiatrists, trained psychologists, sleep medicine specialists, gastroenterologists and pain medicine specialists. Together they utilize several physical and mental exercises to help control your chronic pain, and teach you a series of exercises that you can do at home.


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