Optimal Weight Program

At the Marcus Institute, we provide the thorough and thoughtful care you need to reach your optimal weight, with plans designed specifically for you. In fact, our approach to weight loss is so personalized, you can call it the opposite of “one size fits all.” 


Reina Marino, MD



For women and men who want to lose weight, detox their diet and lifestyle, or finally resolve their digestive issues or food sensitivities, Dr. Marino uses specialized nutritional, genomic, metabolic and hormonal testing to create a personalized, preventive health plan exclusively for you. Open yourself up to all of the powerful possibilities life has to offer when you are feeling and looking your best. Take the next step to achieve your ultimate health and vitality.

The optimal program for you depends upon your individual age, sex, weight, height, medical history, medications, goals and needs. Options include in-office evaluations with review of recent bloodwork and intake forms, supportive supplements and resources including shopping lists, meal plans and recipes. All programs are designed to fit the unique needs and goals of our patients. Please note that each individual program can be further modified and tailored, and there is some cross-over among the programs.

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

The emphasis is on a dietary intervention that lowers inflammation, promoting health and wellness. This approach optimizes function and performance, with a goal of stable, heathy weight.

The Brain-Gut Program

This program is designed for patients who are struggling with food sensitivities and /or performance issues. The focus is on eliminating common food triggers while supporting the GI tract’s ability to function and heal. Healthy weight will result.

The Medical Diet Program

This program is for patients who are serious abut losing weight and have found it difficult to do so despite trying other programs. Healthy foods will be emphasized but calories are reduced to an individualized level. Subcutaneous injections of hCG may be considered to aid in fat loss depending on the patient’s medical and previous weight loss history.

The Ketogenic Program

This program utilizes intermittent fasting in combination with a diet plan focused on healthy fats and non-starchy vegetables, with smaller amounts of lean protein and limited amounts of low sugar fruit. Not only has the ketogenic diet been helpful for weight loss, but it also has been shown to help lower inflammation, regulate blood sugar levels and improve cognitive function.

The Ketogenic with Vegetarian Option

The ketogenic diet can be modified for those individuals who are vegetarian. This approach requires more work and planning, but it can be done successfully.


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