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Hiring: Academic Program Director

The Marcus Institute is currently looking for an Academic Program Director, responsible for the leadership and administration of the specified Integrative Medicine certificate programs and Masters degree at the Department of Integrative Medicine and Nutritional Sciences.
Marcus Physicians Featured at IMHC 19

Dr. Daniel Monti and Dr. Andrew Newberg of the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health will speak at the 2019 premier Integrative Mental Health Conference, April 15-17 in San Francisco!
Marcus Institute featured at AIHM 2018

Produced as part of 'Transforming Health Care' in collaboration by AIHM and ITN Productions, this segment provides an in-depth view of the innovative research and clinical approaches transforming integrative medicine at Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health.
Safety of Vitamin C Infusions for Alleviating Symptoms of Cancer Treatment

A recent study examines whether there are changes in symptoms and adverse effects from intravenous ascorbic acid infusions in cancer patients receiving or not receiving chemotherapy.
In the News: The Marcus Institute Publishes Groundbreaking Research on Brain Function & Traumatic Stress

Our research was featured on a number of news sites including Psychology Today, the New York Observer, and the American Association of Neurological Surgeons News.
3 Go-To Supplements in the Winter to Help Your Mind & Body Thrive

Dr. Staid of the Marcus Institute recommends a few supplements to help strengthen your immune system and keep you healthy during the cold winter months.
Brain Health CME Event Recap

On November 9, over 60 practitioners from established institutions such as Temple University, Mainline Health, Widener University, and Thomas Jefferson University Hospital attended “Cutting-Edge Advances in Brain Health” at our Villanova location.
Mainline School Night

Join Dr. Reina Marino at Main Line School Night on March 21, 2018 for a course titled, "Navigating Your Way Through Menopause."
Flyers Alumni Get Healthy Assist from the Marcus Institute

Hear Brad Marsh, Brian Propp, Paul Holmgren, Daniel Brière, and Bob Kelly, share their experience with the Marcus Institute in their own words.
The Marcus Institute Hosts Delegates from KLE University

The Marcus Institute of Integrative Health at Jefferson is excited to host delegates from KLE University, Karnataka, India, as part of an ongoing research and education collaborative between Thomas Jefferson University and KLE University.
Integrative Medicine Grand Rounds: November 2017

On November 7, Dr. Reina Marino will present “Diet and Cancer: How Plant-Based Diets Compare with Western Diets in Terms of Cancer Risk” at the Integrative Medicine Grand Rounds.
Staying Healthy Through the Holidays

Make merry and bright choices with these simple tips from physicians at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health.
Cutting-Edge Advances in Brain Health

Cutting-Edge Advances in Brain Health will include an evening of presentations from brain health experts at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health.
In The News: Dr. Staid shares expert opinion with Mainline Today

Mainline Today recently spoke with Dr. Rashna Staid, an Integrative Medicine Specialist here at the Marcus Institute, on identifying digestive issues.
Dr. Andrew Newberg Appears on National Geographic

Dr. Andrew Newberg, our Director of Research, will appear on "The Story of God with Morgan Freeman."
Mindfulness is Heartfulness

Introducing the Fall 2017 course offerings at the Mindfulness Center of the Marcus Institute.
Welcome Dr. Bazzan

Jefferson welcomes Dr. Anthony J. Bazzan – a residency, fellowship trained, and board certified physician in Internal Medicine, Integrative and Holistic Medicine, and a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition – to the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health.
Sept. 29 event with Dr. Staid: Prescribe A Trail

Join Dr. Rashna Staid of the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health at "Prescribe a Trail" on Friday, September 29.
New Findings: Studying the Effects of NET Intervention

Daniel Monti, M.D., MBA, and Director of the Marcus Institute, served as principal investigator on the recently published study, "Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) Reduces Symptoms of Traumatic Stress in Cancer Survivors." Fully funded by the ONE Research Foundation, the study found that Neuro Emotional Technique (NET), a mind-body therapy, is an effective and efficient course of treatment with patients who have experienced life-threatening medical issues.
In The News: Marcus Program Highlighted in Advancing Women’s Wellness

In a roundup of 6 area programs that focus on women’s health, Philadelphia Style featured the Marcus Institute’s individualized treatment plans that manage the side effects of menopause.

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